January 13, 2019



You’re listening to Episode 31 of the Trafficking Dispatch, a biweekly podcast that briefs you on human trafficking issues in a brief amount of time. I’m your host, Anna Erdel. In this episode, I’ll explain exciting updates and opportunities in our fight against human trafficking.


Welcome back everyone to The Trafficking Dispatch. I’m Anna, the publicist and Victoria’s sister, and I’m here to introduce you all to season 4 of the podcast! But before we launch into new episodes and interviews, I wanted to use this episode to let you know what’s coming up!


This season will follow a very similar pattern as the last season. In season 3, we alternated between a content-based episode on a particular form of human trafficking and an interview with an advocate who addresses that particular form. We finished off the season with an interview with Esperanza Monroe Pace, a survivor of sex trafficking.


This season will be very similar. Starting with our next episode, we’ll introduce you to a particular form of human trafficking. In the third episode, we’ll interview an advocate who knows more about that form before we move onto another episode about a different type of human trafficking. The only difference is that this season, you all gave us direct input on which topics we will cover! 
Last season, we started using our “off Sundays” -- the Sundays when we didn’t publish a new episode -- to host discussions on our Instagram Stories. The discussions started at 5 pm EST on these off Sundays and lasted for 24 hours. If you’re interested in seeing what we discussed last season, you can visit the “Debates” highlight on our Instagram page, @ttdpodcast_official. At the end of most of these discussions, we asked you if you would be interested in us covering these topics in the podcast. An overwhelming majority of the responses said yes, so in this season we will be learning more about human trafficking and its potential connections to diplomatic immunity, prison labor, and child reality TV stars. We will also be doing a content-based episode and interview on organ trafficking. 


We’ll be continuing our Instagram Story Discussions this season, so you can participate next Sunday starting at 5 pm EST. Remember that your responses are always anonymous in our discussions, so you can feel safe to contribute your thoughts freely. If you have an idea that you think we should discuss on our Instagram Stories, you can reach out to us on any of our social media platforms or our email. 


And in speaking of your contributions, we have a new twist on an older aspect of our podcast! As you may know, last season we started the Audible Audience segment, which allowed our listeners from around the world to briefly talk about what they’re doing to fight human trafficking. We’re continuing it for this season too, but now we’ll be including a special thank you gift to everyone who sends in an audio clip and is included in our podcast! If we choose your clip for one of our episodes and you live in the United States, we’ll mail you a Trafficking Dispatch t-shirt for free as a special thank you for participating in our mission! If you live outside of the US, we’ll give you and an anti-trafficking organization that you represent a special shout-out on all of our social media accounts and during one of our Instagram Story Discussions. To participate in our Audible Audience segment, just email your 30-second audio clip to We just ask for your name, where you’re from, and what you’re doing to fight human trafficking. 


But if you’re just starting out in your fight against human trafficking, we have plenty of other ways for you to get involved with our mission! As always, we’re looking for translators for our episodes. So far, we have a few of our shownotes translated into languages like Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Swahili, but we could always use more volunteers for these and other languages. If you translate for us, we give you total control over which episodes you translate -- we are grateful for even just 1 episode! -- and when you submit your translations. You’ll even be included on our website as a podcast team member! Just contact us to get started.


If translating isn’t your thing, we are also always looking for more people to engage with us on our social media. Right now we have about 375 Instagram followers. Since this is the start of Season 4, we think it would be great if we could get this number to 400! If you follow us on our Instagram and get a friend to follow us on Instagram too, we’ll enter you in a drawing! When we reach 400 Instagram followers, we’ll randomly choose from the participants and send the winner and their friend our podcast t-shirts and give them a shoutout on our social media!


Our next goal this season is to reach listeners in 100 countries! We’re really close with this one. So far, we’ve connected with listeners in 93 countries on all the habitable continents. We’ll include a list of these countries, in alphabetical order, at the end of the shownotes. If you know someone who doesn’t live in one of the countries listed and introduce them to our podcast, it would really mean a lot of us. In fact, if you do, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


Although people from all over the world tune in to our podcast, The Trafficking Dispatch was launched and is run by a mostly American team. This month in America is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. What better way to honor this month than by launching the next season of our podcast? We hope you’ll tune in to the coming episodes to learn how you can fight this global injustice during this month and beyond.
But for now, let’s listen to our first Audible Audience segment of the season! For this episode, we’ll hear from Fanwi, an advocate from Cameroon. Take it away, Fanwi!


Fanwi: My name is Fanwi Seraphine Kakwi. I'm the founder and CEO of Mercy Seed Outreach based in Bamenda, Cameroon. We sensitize communities about issues of trafficking and modern slavery. We rescue and shelter victims. We establish sustainable support structures to empower some survivors with income-generating skills and send them back to school. We coach and monitor them through to ensure that they are established and can no longer be trafficked.


This has been the Trafficking Dispatch with Anna Erdel. You can subscribe to our SoundCloud channel and tune into our next episode which will be released on January 27 at 5 pm. Or, if you would like to interact with us before then, you can visit our website at, follow us on our social media accounts – our handles are below – or email us with any questions or suggestions at Thank you for tuning into this episode, and we hope you’ll tune in again to join the fight against human trafficking.


Countries/Regions we have reached: 

Albania, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guinea, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Singapore,  Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey,Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Vietnam


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