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Season 1, Episode 7: Profiting Off of Pseudo-Orphans


You’re listening to Episode 7 of the Trafficking Dispatch, a biweekly podcast that briefs you on human trafficking issues in a brief amount of time. I’m your host, Victoria Erdel. This episode will talk about the gray areas that surround some international adoptions, and how these adoptions can be a form of human trafficking.

Episode 5 talked about the plight of Romanian child beggars in the UK. These children are often brought to the UK to raise money for gang members, and receive little to no nurturing. They miss out on a proper childhood, which only makes their teenage years and beyond even more difficult. In this case, it’s fairly easy to put the blame the traffickers who bring child beggars and minders to the UK and exploit them once they are there.

But it’s not always this simple. Case in point? Some international adoptions. Now, before I go any further, I want to emphasize the word “some.” Not all international adoptions are human trafficking or really unethical in an…

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