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Survivors' Summer Season - Interview with the Founder of Hear.Speak.Free


CW: The interviewee for this episode mentions sexual and other forms of physical violence.

You’re listening to the Survivors’ Summer Season of the Trafficking Dispatch, a special series that interviews human trafficking survivors and their family in a brief amount of time. I’m your host, Victoria Erdel. In this episode, we’ll hear from the daughter of a domestic servitude survivor, and how her mother inspires her anti-trafficking work.

Back in episode 19, I interviewed my older sister Anna, who is currently in Ecuador working with female sex trafficking survivors and their children as the Childcare and Early Development Coordinator. However, not every female survivor was a victim of sex trafficking specifically, and as our interview with Anna pointed out, human trafficking can affect the families of survivors as well. Our interviewee for this episode, Hanna Kit, can confirm both of these points. Hanna’s mother, Nina was trafficked from Ukraine to the United States and forced t…

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