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S2E8: Art for Anti-trafficking Advocacy - Interview with a Visual Artist


You’re listening to Episode 18 of the Trafficking Dispatch, a biweekly podcast that briefs you on human trafficking issues in a brief amount of time. I’m your host, Emily Wang. In this episode, we’ll hear from a visual artist who uses her talents to support survivors and fight trafficking.

Panmela Castro, a famous artist who has been dubbed “Brazil’s Graffiti Queen”, once said: “Art is how we can be influenced and be an influence.” Kiersten Blake, a student at New York University, is an artist who has been influenced by Castro’s work and now uses her own work to influence others. Not only does she use her art to raise awareness about social issues like human trafficking, she also works directly with survivors through an organization in the NYC area. In addition to her art and advocacy work, she is the co-founder of Salam Clothing, a nonprofit clothing line that donates a majority of its profits to Syrian refugees, a population that is especially vulnerable to sex and labor tra…

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