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Season 2, Episode 3: From Paralysis to Action - Interview with a Singer-Songwriter


Paralyzed -  Music Video

You’re listening to Episode 13 of the Trafficking Dispatch, a biweekly podcast that briefs you on human trafficking issues in a brief amount of time. I’m your host, Victoria Erdel. In this episode, we’ll hear from a singer-songwriter who uses her talents to raise awareness about sex trafficking.

That was the last few seconds of the song “Paralyzed”, which was released in early December, last year. The link to the music video will be included in the shownotes. If you want to pause this episode and watch it first, it may help you better understand this episode. If you go back and listen to the lines, “Paralyzed, I am a captive, and I can’t break free”, you’ll notice that the lyrics definitely hint at something sinister. The message behind the lyrics becomes clear if you watch the music video. The first scene takes place in a store, where a young man strikes up a brief conversation with a young woman. As the video progresses, we can see how they “fall in l…

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